Every wonder why you have so many ideas when you’re in the bathroom taking a shower, or a bath, brushing your teeth or that other thing we use the room for?

Ever notice that there are no screens in there to pull or hold our attention?

Take a minute and count how many screens are around you right now. How many different TVs, phones, tablets, computers, e-readers, portable video game consoles, smartwatches, or VR headsets are within your sight? How many of these are in the bathroom?

p.s. please don’t admit to owning a pair of AR glasses.

While having a discussion with my wife, who had a MacBook on her lap, a iPad closed on the ottoman next to her feet, and her iPhone within reach I said…

“the nuance is blurred” and then I had no reply as she was still reading whatever it was she was reading.

I waited a minute and then asked her “you know I just asked you a question right?”

She replied “yes, something about being blurred.”

I repeated what I had said “yeah the nuance is blurred” as I started to walk to the bathroom I added “Blur as in the band, as in song number two, as in what I’m going to do.”

Which I did and then noticed there are no screens in the bathroom and wondered maybe this is why we have flashes of clarity and creativity in here. Which reminded me we recently joked about getting an Amazon Echo in here so we could ask Alexa to take notes so we don’t forget things.

So as I step back into the living room, even before I’m through the bathroom door I’m calling out to her “Don’t say anything! I had an idea that I need to write down before I forget!” She was looking at me as I stepped out and I was left with the impression she was holding onto something to tell me.

I grabbed my laptop, sit down and start writing. At this point I’ve read everything that you’ve read so far to her and she laughs.

We talk about the fact there’s a screen in every room in the house except for the bathroom. We go over the semantics of are there really screens in the bedroom. Because you know the iPads we both have can follow us around. She uses hers through out the day and I leave mine at the bed side table to watch something when I go to bed. Which isn’t really going to bed as it’s just laying down and watching TV. No wonder I get so little sleep.

We talk about the screens even in our car. Hell the car even emails and sends us texts messages when it gets low on windshield wiper fluid. Our car has a drinking problem and it likes to let us know about it.

Used to be the only screen in the house was the one television set the family had and if you were well-off your parents had a second set in their bedroom to watch Johnny Carson together.

Instead we watch different things on our own screen that we hold out in front of us or sit on our bellies. Recently my wife asked if there’s an app so we can both watch the same thing synced up on our individual iPads. We laughed when we realized that yes there is and it’s called a television.

We seem to miss the opportunities we have to build something new and we underestimate the value of what we lost. Instead we build things that place each of us in our own individual world. Walled off with wireless headsets and a microphone, where you can be talking with someone who is ignoring the people around them or maybe you’re just listening to music that a machine picked to play for you.

Yes there is usually at least one screen in the bathroom called a mirror. It’s passive and only reflects back what we bring to it. That’s the key difference. That screen is passive and is used as a tool so we can brush our teeth or have a moment of self reflection.

Anyways just wanted to capture this before I lost.

I never did find out what she was holding on to tell me.